Swoon Tunes: Signs of Summer

Last week, we finally got some warm weather and sunshine in Chicago! We thought it may never come. Though the rainy days over the weekend had us worried again, we know summer is still coming. In fact, Memorial Day is right around the corner! So to kick it off, here are some summertime/BBQ songsRead more »

Three Ways to Mix the Perfect Blended Workforce

A blended workforce is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a blend of full-time, part-time, contract, consultant and/or contingent talent custom-built to fulfill a business’ specific productivity needs. Known for agility and responsiveness, the blended model empowers your company to mold workforce capabilities around what you require, right now. And we’re not justRead more »

Swoon Tunes: Old Friends/New Tunes

What’s better than new tunes from old friends? Right in time for summer, some of our favorite bands that don’t release music all that often have come in clutch with tracks anyone will enjoy. Just like the weather breaking, these songs are refreshing and have us excited for the season. Hope you enjoy! PayRead more »

Swoon Tunes: All 90s, All the Time

Have you been noticing those chokers, plaid shirts and ripped jeans lately? Us, too! The 90s ARE BACK, and we couldn’t be happier! This week’s Swoon Tunes are dedicated to all of the grunge, long hair, LA Looks hair gel and weirdness of the 90s. 311 – All Mixed Up The Wallflowers – OneRead more »

#FutureofWork is Trending – Are You Paying Attention?

4 ways to keep pace with the workplace future that’s happening right now The future of work isn’t simply a hashtag to follow, but there is a reason it’s trending: it’s kind of a misnomer. The future of work is happening, all around you, right now. From the way we work, where we work,Read more »

SwoonTunes: A Tribute to Prince

In honor of Prince We lost one of the greatest musicians ever on April 21, 2016. We’re a few days late in honoring that anniversary, but let’s be honest, who doesn’t listen to Purple Rain on their daily playlist? Many of us still mourn his genius and his undeniable talent. He is loved byRead more »

Swoon Tunes: Festival Season

  Festival season is here! Being a musically cultured company and having an office in California means we have to go to Coachella…right? From daytime dance parties to scenic sunsets to nighttime closers, here are a few of the acts we’re most excited to see in the desert this year. Hope you enjoy! TakeRead more »

Music Monday – April 3, 2017

These tunes are brought to you in honor of the madness that has been happening this past week. March Madness is something that brings a nostalgic time for a lot of us. It could be all the great times you had a college, remembering watching the games with a family member or your bestRead more »

Music Monday – March 20, 2017

We all have music moods on the daily. One of my biggest struggles is figuring out what type of music or who I want to listen to for the day. It’s important! The right playlist can start your day on the right track and even bring good fortune (that’s a stretch), or ruin yourRead more »

How to Prevent Burnout Employees


Burnout employees are spread thin, overworked, and typically fly under the radar which results in a lack of feedback and appreciation. Some simply can’t say no to a favor or task even when their to-do list is already monstrous. Others feel the pressure from leadership to be glued to their e-mail even as theyRead more »