The Importance of Keeping Your Employees Engaged


Engaged employees are the ones who see the end goal, work towards more than completing a daily checklist and want to go the extra mile for themselves, their coworkers and the company. They are integral to your company’s success. They show up to work optimistic, excited and ready to tackle the day. Some employeesRead more »

Inavero Best of Staffing Award 2017

Swoon_Best_of_Staffing_Banner (1)

We are honored to be awarded with Inavero’s Best of Staffing 2017 Award! Our clients have kindly recognized our above and beyond service, making us an elite staffing agency. This is the second year running we’ve received this flattering award and we are over the moon once again. Thank you to our clients andRead more »

How to Answer Dreaded Interview Questions


When you’re in the hot seat, you’re bound to be asked a question that you can’t answer without some deliberating. Dreaded interview questions can catch us by surprise and we often forget it’s okay to pause and think in order to deliver an answer we feel confident in. If you find yourself fumbling forRead more »

Music Monday – February 13, 2017

’tis the season for love, but Valentine’s Day just isn’t for everyone. So, this week, we’re busting out those groovy tunes for the old flames, heartbreakers, and the ones we can’t stop pining over. But because we at Swoon tend to see the glass half full, we’re finishing this week’s Swoon Tunes off withRead more »

How to Prepare for a Career Pivot


Ready to switch lanes and start down a different career path? Unfortunately, our work history doesn’t always align with the interests we want to pursue. Chances are you’re ready to make a move because your current job isn’t fulfilling you the same way your passions do. You don’t have to keep climbing the proverbialRead more »

Music Monday – February 6, 2017

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow meaning 6 more weeks of Winter. Ugh. It’s enough to make us want to crawl under the covers and hide until Spring. But we still have work to do and people to see, so let’s focus on getting motivated by a different set of covers … cover songs. StartRead more »

The Key to Being a Rockstar Recruiter


So you want to be a recruiter? One of the keys to successful recruiting is forging strong client relationships early on. After all, you’re in this together and working to achieve a common goal. Here are some fool proof techniques for building and maintaining great client relationships. Dig Deep Before you can even beginRead more »

Salary 101: Knowing Your Worth and Asking For It


Money is funny. But it doesn’t have to be. We all deserve a great job that compensates fairly, so don’t shy away from demanding it. Throughout the hiring process, and long after you’re hired, know your worth and understand that compensation stems beyond a paycheck. Here’s how to be salary savvy throughout the hiringRead more »

New Year, New Job


The radio stations have stopped playing Christmas carols on repeat and we’ve put away our sparkly dancing shoes; time to head back to the grind. With the passing of a year and the start of a new one, it’s natural to pause and reflect on our lives. This point of reflection is often responsibleRead more »

Employee Retention Tips and The Psychology of High Turnover


The cost associated with high employee turnover is staggering. You expend a great deal of resources recruiting, hiring and training them, only to get their notice a short time later. Subsequently, you’re back to starting the whole arduous process over again. So what makes employees stay? One answer seems too simple to be true,Read more »