Do You Really Love Your Job?


Here are 5 Habits of People Who Really, Really Do Nearly 7 out of 10 American employees say they feel disengaged from their work. Dr. Shane Lopez, one of the world’s leading experts in the science of hope, is now studying people who love their jobs in order to learn what they do differently.Read more »

Drowning in the Wrong Applicants? There’s an Easy Solution.

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As a hiring manager, you probably receive a mountain of resumes for a single open req in your organization. In fact, according to Dr. John Sullivan of, you’re probably seeing 250 resumes on average for each of your corporate job openings. That’s a lot. Sure, you have the ATS to weed out applicantsRead more »

How to Get the Interview Instead of the Cold Shoulder


Are you having trouble getting noticed when you apply for a job? Is your resume perfect, your experience fitting and your expertise relevant but you didn’t get an interview? It can feel like walking into a party sharply dressed with a big smile on your face and a story to tell but nobody noticesRead more »

The Best Resume Advice Ever

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Here at Swoon, we get asked if resumes are still important in today’s job market. Typically, your resume is the first contact a hiring manager has with you. It creates the first impression of who you are. If that doesn’t go well, you won’t get a second look. Think about all the times you’veRead more »

Are You Getting the Wrong Job Offers?

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How many times has a recruiter called you out of the blue and offered you “the perfect job” outside of your core competency? Are you tired of politely explaining the difference between business analysis and systems analysis? Are you a software architect getting calls for web development? These recruiters only care about throwing asRead more »

How to Choose A Recruiter That Doesn’t Suck

Choosing a Recruiter

You are killing it at your job, solving problems for your co-workers, creating value for your bosses and generally reaping the rewards of your hard earned success. People in your company and your industry are taking notice. You, in short, are a rockstar. You can actually measure your success by the number of recruitersRead more »

The One Tip You Need to Find the Right Staffing Firm.

Hiring the Right Recruiter

As a business needing to fill positions, hiring a professional staffing firm can be as daunting as hiring employees. According to the most recent census data there are over 22,400 temporary help and permanent placement firms in the US making it difficult to choose the right one. While there are a multitude of “howRead more »