Music Monday – April 3, 2017

These tunes are brought to you in honor of the madness that has been happening this past week. March Madness is something that brings a nostalgic time for a lot of us. It could be all the great times you had a college, remembering watching the games with a family member or your best friend; it could be that time you won a ton of money for having an awesome bracket, it could be when you lost a lot of money, or it could be remembering when you played. Here are some tunes to celebrate the Madness!

2 Unlimited – Get Ready 4 This (Michael Buffer’s Jock Jams remix)

Whoomp There It Is – Tag Team

69 boyz – Tootsee Roll

Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock – It Takes Two

C+C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) ft. Freedom Williams