Survival of the Fittest Recruiting Strategy

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What does your company’s talent acquisition strategy resemble most?

A) A seven-year-old blowing out birthday candles, eyes closed, wishing those LEGOs magically into existence

B) Foraging for lunch along a well-traveled path in a national park

C) A champion team of marksman who’ve surrounded a herd of game and have their bows drawn

Believe it: many businesses today rely on B, a gathering method of acquiring talent. (Plenty still hedge their bets with magic wishes, too.) Hiring managers balance day-to-day duties of actively seeking out candidates and screening resumes that have rolled in from the local jobs boards for the skill sets they need to fill a specific job.

In essence, you shine the bat signal and cross your fingers the perfect candidate sees it. It’s the way businesses have done hiring for decades, right?

But it sounds a lot more like serendipity than strategy to us.

Why Your Job Posting is Invisible

Gathering resumes – and hoping for the best – in today’s market is the perfect way not to find the right talent for your business. Especially if you’re looking for IT talent.

Technology pros, from Python developers and cloud architects to CIOs and network admins, are in the highest demand, right now, than ever before. Chances are – even if you’re posting your job description on your website, LinkedIn, Google for Jobs, Facebook, Instagram and every other outlet around – they won’t see it.

Because they’re not looking. They don’t need to.

Download Your Keys To Survival

As the latest Swoon e-book reports, tech has one of the biggest supply-and-demand gaps in the U.S. job market. And the industry’s 2.5% unemployment rate means slim pickings for your gathering method of hiring.

So, how does a business survive? It’s time to change the way you think about, find and attract the people who can help your business thrive.

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