Swoon and i.c. Stars Team Up to Advance Talent from Underserved Communities

posted by Megan Hari |

With the recent public release of demographic numbers for many of the leading tech firms in North America, something many already knew became very clear: Tech has a diversity problem. There are myriad causes for this, but one that’s nearly universally acknowledged is the pipeline of talent, and that’s our business, and therefore our problem.

The good news is now that the problem is acknowledged and some of its causes identified, we can get to work fixing them. We started by looking skyward for the solution. We teamed up with i.c. Stars, a Chicago organization dedicated to advancing opportunity for talented people from underserved communities.We’ve agreed to mentor members of i.c. stars for 90 minutes a week for three months as they begin their career search, and we recently hosted an open house as a way to celebrate the kickoff of the partnership.

Resume writing, networking and negotiating offers will all be part of that mentoring process. It’s all about problem-solving. This problem was trickier because so many companies were afraid to acknowledge what their numbers were telling them about themselves, but now that’s in the past and we can start building a better future.


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