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The Advantages of Using a Staffing Firm for Your Company’s Hiring Needs

posted by Megan Hari |

Some companies think that using their own recruiters will be enough to find the best talent needed to help their company grow. However, there are several advantages to using a staffing firm to help fill these roles that many do not consider. When you find a trusted business partner in the staffing world to work alongside your internal recruiting team, you can multiply your chances at success. Here are just a few reasons staffing firms can help:

An Extended Network of Potential Employees

The September jobs report announced that the unemployment rate is at 3.7% which is the lowest it has been since 1969. Thus, it can be difficult to find the right talent to fill your roles. The top talent for most roles are currently employed. When you partner with a staffing firm, you expand the talent network available to you.  Recruiters have established relationships with candidates and with that rapport comes referrals. Firms also take the time to convert “passive candidates”; these candidates aren’t actively looking for a new position but once properly informed about your company’s exciting opportunity, they may realize it is too good to pass up.

Market Knowledge

Staffing firms work with other clients in your industry and they know what your competitors are offering respective to the same roles you are looking to fill. Recruiters become experts within the industries they staff and can provide you with market trends and candidate expectations. This intel will help you to be competitive in the marketplace and ultimately win the rockstar candidates.

Time is Money

There are many job boards with “easy apply” options and mobile apply options that job seekers can quickly navigate to apply for several jobs with a few clicks. Therefore, many applicants are glancing at job descriptions and applying for roles they are unqualified for; adding time for the hiring manager to review the applications for a suitable candidate. Staffing firms do all the hard work for you; they carefully review each applicant with a fine-toothed comb, creating a “short list” of the best-fitting talent, saving you time and resources.

Contract Employees

Staffing firms often recruit on roles where clients need multiple hires within the same position. These resources become a team and learn to work well together on the project at hand. Companies do not usually hire contractors with niche skill sets on a full-time basis because their skill-set is desired only for the specific duration of the project. However, these “teams” are often redeployed as a unit to partner on future projects.  This means that once hired for your job, there is more time spent on the task-at-hand rather than getting to know each other’s work styles. Internal hiring teams miss opportunities to onboard teams of individuals who’ve worked together previously; whereas, the staffing firms have better capabilities to deliver Statements of Work.

Brand Ambassadors

Especially for smaller companies, staffing firms can help to market your brand and your company values. They will get to know your company culture and the ins and outs of how you operate, allowing them to “sell” your brand to potential candidates. By building a relationship with your staffing firm, you are helping to make sure they hire the right culture fits for your roles and are expanding the number of candidates that will learn about your company values and opportunities.

If you are ready to take the guesswork out of the recruiting experience and hire top talent for your next open job, reach out to me today. I would love to show you all the ways Swoon can assist you and take your company to the next level.

Chris Jensen
Senior Major Account Manager