Infographic: What Job Seekers Today Expect During the Hiring Process

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The national unemployment rate remained at 3.8% through March 2019, meaning job seekers still hold the advantage in the market. There are more open jobs than there are talented candidates to fill them. Because of this, job seekers can be pickier in their searches and can usually expect to see more than one offer when interviewing.

The following infographic from Clear Company lays out some of the concerns and successes candidates are seeing throughout their hiring processes. Some common frustrations include lack of communication/feedback, intensive, time-consuming applications and not feeling their experience is personalized.

“69% of candidates will give up on an application if it takes more than 20 minutes to complete and 20% will give up after 10 minutes.”

Swoon’s goal as a recruiting firm is to alleviate the frustrations of finding a new job, and instead provide individual support and advice throughout the process and afterward. Our recruiters work with a team of relationship and sales managers to ensure they know exactly what our clients are looking for in each position. Not only are we well-versed in the skillsets necessary to succeed in each role, but we also take the time to learn the company and team culture. This helps us make a perfect match for each candidate we place.

We live by our company mantra “Listen. Place. Care.” This means that we truly listen to each person’s wants and needs, place them in a role that fits what they are looking for, and continue to check in and answer any questions they may have throughout the duration of their project.

If you are tired of filling out long job applications, writing your resume into every site after already attaching it, and not hearing back from the roles you apply to, reach out to Swoon. One of our recruiters would be happy to help you through your journey with a goal of ulitmately finding you your dream role. Our team will do the application and submission for you and will help you format your resume to highlight your skills for the role.

What Job Seekers Today Expect During the Hiring Process [Infographic]

What Job Seekers Today Expect During the Hiring Process [Infographic], courtesy of ClearCompany