Swooner of the Quarter – Q2

posted by Brooke Elliot |

Swooner of the Quarter recognizes one of our team members for going above and beyond for the quarter. Swooners submit nominations describing how that individual made the most impact and why they deserve this award.

This quarter’s winner was Justine Phillipson. Justine has placed many candidates into their dream jobs. Recently, she took on the opportunity to expand our offices in Phoenix as a Lead Recruiter. We are beyond proud of her for achieving Swooner of the Quarter!

Title: Lead Recruiter

Peer Quotes

“Justine has absolutely CRUSHED it being the new team lead in the Phoenix office. Not only has she helped start and grow this office, but she is also absolutely killing it. She lets the office have its own autonomy to grow. She’s always there to get to know us on a more personal level than just as a boss. You can tell by everything she does that she genuinely cares about this team and its success and is willing to do ANYTHING to help us get to that point. Justine is also transitioning out of recruiting now and into the sales side of things, and wow is she doing it big.

She helped close a deal with Capital Group by staying in constant connection with the hiring manager while a candidate was interviewing to help close a deal! Justine is taking on lots of hats at the moment, but she is most definitely wearing them all with grace and pride. Best. Boss. Ever!!! We are so lucky to have her be one of the faces and most importantly, the team lead in the Phoenix office.”

“Managing in a new office with a new team, she has done an amazing job helping new NDC staff grow and learn. Justine always makes time to help and assist with issues and makes sure we understand how to do things properly. She has been one of the best managers I have had. Justine cares for her staff and creates a positive and welcoming environment at work. She is the true definition of a leader, leading by example and putting her team first.”

“Justine just recently stepped into a lead recruiter role after moving from CA to AZ to assist with opening our West NDC office. She has done a great job emulating the Swooner culture in a brand new space! Justine does a wonderful job leading her team and training them on our internal processes. She has taken brand new recruiters from a $0 control sheet to a $16k control sheet in just 4 months.”