National Lazy Day – Swoon Tunes

To celebrate #nationallazyday, we put together our favorite songs that feature being “lazy.” So kick back, relax and listen.

Contractor of the Month (August) – Chris Arceneaux

August’s Contractor of the Month is Chris Arceneaux – a Customer Success Manager and Implementation Consultant at Swoon’s client


The work we do requires E-N-E-R-G-Y and we recently realized that physically, there could be adverse negative effects on


With the emergence of new-aged artificially intelligent technology, professionals have noticed a decline in the need for primary, non-degree

Swoon Tunes- Lolla Clique ’18

This playlist is dedicated to our annual company Lollapalooza trip. These are some of our favorite artists performing Friday

Swoon Tunes: California Dreamin’

  These tunes are inspired by California and our San Diego office! Have a great weekend and keep California

What to Do Vs. What Not to Do In an Interview

Honesty vs. Lying It goes without saying that indeed, honesty is the best policy, and with interviewing, that fact

Contractor of the Month – Derrick Deberry

Swoon’s client is a financial services and mobile payment company based in San Francisco, California and Derrick Deberry, a Customer

Swoon Tunes- Friday 5 at 5- America!

  Happy pre-Independence Day weekend! We hope you listen to these songs while chillin’ by the pool, grilling out

How Your Social Media Accounts May Be Holding You Back From Getting the Job

Are you one of those people that had a spectacular spring break trip to Miami and provided full-coverage of

Swoon Tunes – Mamby Shoutout

Festival season is here in the Windy City of Chicago! This playlist is an ode to the Mamby on

Diversity In the Workplace: A Never-Ending Momentum

As technology continues to advance and the need for niche skillsets in the workplace continues to grow, the importance

Swoon Tunes: Pride Month!

Pride Month! Thes are a few of our favorite tracks heard on the daily up and down Boystown here

90’s Summer Throwbacks – Friday 5 at 5

This week’s Swoon Tunes are influenced by the heat in Chicago as we skipped spring and hopped right into

Friday 5 at 5 – O Canada!

This week’s Swoon Tunes are dedicated to Canada! I’ve picked 5 of my favorite Canadian artists because we just

Swoon Tunes – Coachella Style

This week’s Swoon Tunes are dedicated to the best acts I saw in the desert during weekend 1 of

Sofar So Good!

Have you ever attended a musical performance that felt like it was put on just for you and a

Swoon’s Third Annual Fundraising Event Benefiting Almost Home Kids

Last Friday, March 23rd, Swoon and NextGen Global hosted our third annual fundraising event to raise money for the

Swoon Tunes – Friday 5 at 5 – Green, Gold and Luck!

Did you know that Chicago, IL is the #1 destination in the country for St. Patrick’s Day? Did you

Friday 5 at 5 – Togetherness Edition

This week’s Swoon Tunes are dedicated to our ever so growing and loving squad here at Swoon. Our bowling

Swoon Tunes – Friday 5 at 5

It’s Holi, the festival of color! Here are some colorful songs to welcome you to the weekend. Cheers! The

Swoon Tunes – Year of the Dog

This week’s Swoon Tunes are dedicated to the Year of the Dog. Happy Chinese New Year!! Here at Swoon,

Swoon Tunes Snow Day

Major snowfall here in Chicago brought on a snow day and most likely a snowed-in weekend for us Swooners.

Putting On Our Poker Faces For A Cause

On Thursday, January 25th, fifteen Swooners volunteered to work at the 5th Annual Mercy Home for Boys and Girls Poker

Swoon Tunes-Friday 5 at 5

This week’s Swoon Tunes are dedicated to January which started the year off strong but is now coming to

Job Search Tips To Help You Achieve Your 2018 Career Goals

With the end of each year comes a list of goals and resolutions for the coming year. Everywhere you

How to Prevent Burnout Employees

Burnout employees are spread thin, overworked, and typically fly under the radar which results in a lack of feedback

The Importance of Keeping Your Employees Engaged

Engaged employees are the ones who see the end goal, work towards more than completing a daily checklist and

Inavero Best of Staffing Award 2017

We are honored to be awarded with Inavero’s Best of Staffing 2017 Award! Our clients have kindly recognized our

How to Answer Dreaded Interview Questions

When you’re in the hot seat, you’re bound to be asked a question that you can’t answer without some

Music Monday – February 13, 2017

’tis the season for love, but Valentine’s Day just isn’t for everyone. So, this week, we’re busting out those

How to Prepare for a Career Pivot

Ready to switch lanes and start down a different career path? Unfortunately, our work history doesn’t always align with

Music Monday – February 6, 2017

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow meaning 6 more weeks of Winter. Ugh. It’s enough to make us want to

The Key to Being a Rockstar Recruiter

So you want to be a recruiter? One of the keys to successful recruiting is forging strong client relationships

Salary 101: Knowing Your Worth and Asking For It

Money is funny. But it doesn’t have to be. We all deserve a great job that compensates fairly, so

New Year, New Job

The radio stations have stopped playing Christmas carols on repeat and we’ve put away our sparkly dancing shoes; time

Employee Retention Tips and The Psychology of High Turnover

The cost associated with high employee turnover is staggering. You expend a great deal of resources recruiting, hiring and

Selling Yourself in an Interview

Finding a job that you do well and enjoy can be a tall task. It may seem like your

Understanding Turnover Contributors for Better Retention

You’ve probably heard that people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. A recent Gallup study found that about half

Compete for New Talent the Way Marketers Compete for New Business

The worlds of employee recruitment and marketing are becoming increasingly more intertwined. Recruiters are competing for new talent the

Attract and Retain Top-Notch Employees in a Job-Seeker’s Market

It’s a job-seeker’s market, and because highly qualified employees in the workforce have lots of options, they are not

Millennials Are More Likely to Stay If You Offer These Three Things

Millennials are fast becoming the largest generation in the workplace. Like the generations that came before them, they want

Hiring Disruptive Talent: Three Tips for Success

While it may seem wildly counterintuitive, companies are beginning to recognize the value in hiring disruptive talent. For those

How to Assess Emotional Intelligence During the Interview Process

Emotional intelligence has become a much-desired trait to find in new hires. Research has even backed the importance of

Think Outside the Job Posting Box

Finding talent is tough. The right talent for your company is out there, but a simple job posting isn’t

Three Tips to Ace Your Next Virtual Interview

As companies continue to use technology in every facet of day-to-day life, virtual interviews are quickly becoming a popular

Working With a Recruiter: Red Flags to Watch Out For

Working with a recruiter to find the right position should make things easier, not more stressful for you. You

How to Conduct a Successful Interview

Interviews are a chance for candidates to toot their own horn, impress hiring managers and demonstrate why they are

Use Internal Networking to Boost Employee Retention

Creative ways of reducing turnover has been a significant focus as of late in the HR world. One majorly

Revamping Your Outdated Recruitment Process

When you have an open position in your company, do you find that it takes far too long to

Taking a New Approach in Your Job Search

There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling you’ve exhausted all of your options in a job search. You’re sure that

Effective Hiring: Three Reasons to Use Talent Analytics

With the ever-increasing prevalence of making data-driven decisions among small and large organizations, talent analytics has become a favorite

Don’t Let Your Talent Slip Away

You Know Who They Are Rockstars: The individuals on your team who carry their creativity, drive, and passion around

Three Soft Benefits That Will Attract and Keep Top Talent

You’re likely already aware that money alone is not enough to attract and retain top talent. In the past

Four Tips to Make Your Cover Letter Stand Out

Let’s talk about the one part of a job application that is required when submitting nearly all applications, yet

Employee Retention: Three Reasons Employees Leave

Is your organization experiencing higher than normal staff turnover? Poor employee retention can take a heavy toll on a

Managing a Job Search While You’re Employed

Sometimes, your current job is just that: a job. It’s not the job of your dreams by any stretch

Four Ways to Prepare for (Almost) Any Interview Question

You’ve likely been here before: You have prepared for your job interview by researching the company, rehearsing popular interview

Four Questions You Should Ask During Job Interviews

Sometimes, you’re so grateful for an interview that you might overlook a company’s shortcomings. If your job search has

Better Hiring Practices: Should You Hire Skills or Personalities?

Every time you have an open position in your company, the struggle begins. You want to hire someone who

Three Tips to Refine Your Personal Brand Before Beginning Your Job Search

Before beginning your job search, you are probably already aware of the basics you need to get started. A

Employee Retention: Holding on to Talent

Training a new employee is costly and frequent turnover seems like it might break the proverbial bank. When an

Hiring – It Can Be a Three-Ring Circus

There are a lot of moving parts and people involved in the hiring process and at times, it can

How Design Basics Can Help Your Job Search

If after countless applications your résumé is not getting the calls you want, maybe it is time to consider

Use Branding to Hire the Best Employees

When HR professionals begin the hiring process, the focus is often external as they search for talent. Companies who

Keeping Your Best Talent

As an employer, you know finding and retaining the most talented people is an expensive, ongoing affair. This has

Employee Retention: How to Train Your New Hire the Right Way

New employees are like new pets. They are happy to be in a new situation, excited to explore the

Two Types of Interview Questions That Reveal Valuable Information

Trying to find the right person to hire can be a Herculean task. Crafting a detailed job description, deciding

Three Essential Resume Types That Get Results in a Job Search

Okay, you’ve made great contacts at industry meet-ups, overhauled your Twitter and Facebook accounts to present a more professional

5 Ways to Successfully Hire Great Employees

Maintaining an edge in today’s competitive workforce is vital to business growth and profitability. A key component in the

Three Guilt Free Job Search Tips

Feeling blue about the whole job search thing? There’s too much guilt in this world without us adding on,

Using Internal Surveys to Boost Employee Retention

Hiring great employees is only part of the challenge for businesses, there’s also the hard work of employee retention.

Five Reasons Why Your Hiring Strategy is Failing

If the attrition rate at your company is climbing, you should start looking at 5 aspects of your hiring

Is Your Recruiter Legit? You Can Start Finding Out with these Five Questions

You’re having a bad day at work, and you get this email from a recruiter holding the promise of

Swoon Starter: Shanda Glauner

Everyone give a Swoon-style welcome to Miss Shanda Glauner! Shanda’s new to the Pro team, but she brings several

Swoon Starter: Jeremy Knight

Everyone give a Swoon-filled welcome to Jeremy Knight who joined the Professional team. Jeremy brings a winning attitude and

So You Want to Hire a Millennial

Much is being made about the fact that there are more millennials in the workforce than any other somewhat

So You Tanked During the Interview — Or Did You?

Maybe you walked out of the job interview feeling deflated. Well, that’s the way a lot of people who

Top Six Retention Strategies

Attrition rates. If you have your finger on the pulse of your company, you’re paying close attention to attrition

Hiring in a Competitive Labor Market

In the current market it’s getting harder to find qualified employees, but that doesn’t mean you should lower your

Avoid these Cover Letter Mistakes

You know those people who tend to think out loud and you don’t know if you should react or

Getting Hired at a Company That’s “Not Currently Hiring”

It sounds impossible, but it’s not. It’s just not as easy. You really have to push your value and

Employee Retention Starts with These Four Things

Recently we’ve read a lot about how the future of employment could mean workers staying three years at a

How to Get to Your Dream Job

The truth is you don’t know what your dream job is until you’re there. There’s a good chance that

Avoiding the Bad Hire

There are two types of bad hires. The easy one to avoid is the bad skills match. You can

Does the Learning Curve Plateau at 3 Years?

He’s a job-hopper! A journeyman! These used to be stigmas, but that’s starting to change. Our economy that never

Recruiting Talent by Email

While not the latest technology, email is a great way to reach out to talented people and let them

How Startups Can Attract Top Talent

It’s not easy to pull talent away from big established companies. It’s easy to lose the battles of money

Here’s How You Can Get Companies and Recruiters Interested in You

Maybe you don’t want to start a full-on job search. Your current job is busy enough and you don’t

Interview and Job Hunt Etiquette

You probably know not to show up late for an interview, but do you also know you shouldn’t show

10 Signs That Your Job is the Right One

According to a recent Forbes article, there are ten signs that you’re in the right job. But before we

Negotiating Salary: Knowing how to have “The Talk”

You just got a job offer. All the sneaking around your office on your cell and saying you have

Tips for Keeping that New Hire

The hiring process is a lot of fun. If you agree with that statement, then you probably don’t have

Hiring Managers: Stop Doing These Things

Everyone always asks about the embarrassing questions candidates ask during interviews, but hiring managers can do some really embarrassing

The Art of the Employee Humble Brag on Social Media

To those who think social media is just a self-promoting tool with some baby pics and cat videos thrown

This is How You Make a Recruiter Stop Working with You

Recruiters are in the trenches with you, holding the same goal as you: Landing the perfect job. But that

You got the internship, now how do you land the job

Interns can do some pretty embarrassing things. From accidentally calling a client by their competitor’s name to mistakenly microwaving

The Numbers Behind Employee Engagement

For the numbers lovers out there, and we know your ranks are growing, Glassdoor has released their Engagement figures

This is How You Conduct an Information-Gathering Interview

Informational interviews are a great way to get yourself out there as well as learn more about the industry

So You’re a Manager Who Wants Back in the Trenches

While it’s not a major recent trend, we’ve been hearing some unusual requests from workers wanting to get out

Fun with Data

Every year, Glassdoor releases annual recruiting statistics. Most of them aren’t surprising. But it’s sort of fun to take

Very Common, Very Bad Ideas for Your Job Hunt

Very few people like looking for jobs. To most it’s stressful and annoying. A job hunt is usually taken

The Modern Retention Strategy

Things are changing in our dynamic economy. For companies that pride themselves on retention, and rightfully correlate those high

Checking References Like a Pro

It takes time, but it’s worth the investment. When hiring you should be pretty thorough in checking references. To

Targeted Networking

If your job search is stalling, it’s time to get proactive. It’s not a sign of desperation when you

The Gig Economy is Not What You Think It is

People have written a lot about the significance of the gig economy, and almost always point to one company

How Start-Ups Should Hire

Start-ups can’t afford to hire the wrong person. A big corporation can absorb mistakes better and maybe make things

This is How People Mess up While Hunting for Jobs

It’s hard to get good feedback when you’re doing something wrong on your job hunt. It’s a rare thing

Getting Management-Level Freelance

We’re seeing this more and more. It’s a good way to inject some new ideas into an organization and

This Is What You Ask the Person Interviewing You

At some point during your job interview, you are going to be asked, “Did you have any questions for

Consider the Sabbatical

In the next five years, one of the biggest HR challenges for companies is going to be retention. You’re

These are the People You Need to Keep

The labor market isn’t getting any nicer for companies who need specific skill sets and have a culture they

Personality Tests and Hiring

Personality tests are great at providing context that can smooth interactions in your office, but they’re not necessarily a

Swoon Starter: Ray Ross

Let’s give a big big welcome to Ray Ross. Practical minded and to the point, Ray knows how to

Red Flags for Hiring Managers

Red flags don’t automatically disqualify you from a position, but they do place you at a disadvantage. The best

What a Hiring Manager is Thinking about During Your Interview

There are boxes you have to check to make it through interviews. The person doing the interview likely wants

What Your Resume Gets Scanned for

Recruiters don’t sit back with a cup of hazelnut coffee and enjoy your resume. They’re going to look at

Top Tactics for Job-Hunting Execs

As our economy becomes more dynamic, executive positions become less stable because companies have to respond to pressures in

Hiring Trends 2016

According to a Harris poll, courtesy of Glassdoor, 45% of people say they are currently job searching or plan

Let’s Talk Talent Retention

4.6 Years According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that’s the average time an employee stays with a company.

Former Employees Don’t Have to be Frenemies, They’re Better as Friends

In a former life maybe that employee who left your company was dead to you the moment they resigned.

Finding the Right Employee Starts with a Title

Happiness optimizer. Who doesn’t want to have that title? It’s so much nicer than say Senior Wet Blanket. But

Do This on Your Resume

We’ve talked about how it’s best to get rid of the Objective and remove your physical address from the

Here’s How You Make Companies Want to Hire You

It’s somewhat paradoxical that companies talk about how they’re different from their competitors, but also seem somewhat obsessed with

How to Handle Annoying Hiring Managers

Maybe it’s a sign. When a hiring manager starts getting on your nerves, maybe it’s time to walk away.

Some Brown Nose, We at Swoon Prefer Red

From the moment I stepped out of Walgreens with 60 Red Noses to pass out to Swooners and NextGeners

Tech Hiring Trends

It’s hard to think of a time when companies were more dependent on technology and data. Universities are not

Swoon Starter: Sarah Stadler

Everybody give a warm Swoon-style welcome to Sarah Stadler. She’s smart and very fun to talk to, this alone

Swoon Starter: Lauren Burke

Lauren has joined Swoon as the newest Relationship Manager on the Major Accounts team. Lauren is bright, motivated, and

Employers: Meet the Class of 2016

Look at those shiny faces full of promise, or is that just the glow of their mobile devices? The

Labor — On Demand

The companies that win, or at least should win, are the companies that best supply what the market wants

Temp Workers Can Bolster Your Business

As a company, it’s not a good practice to turn down business. If you can do it great, you’re

Closing the Hiring Manager-Recruiter Gap

It happens. As companies grow, the recruiter and hiring manager start moving in different directions and start working more

Six Things You’re Doing Wrong in Your Job Search

Most of the mistakes people make when job hunting stem from a lack of self-awareness and rigid thinking. The

Swoon Starter: Shaun Payne

Let’s give a warm and Swooning welcome to Shaun Payne. He understood right away that we are all about

Bad Hiring Manager Moves

If you’re hiring, there’s a chance your office is understaffed and you’re paddling upstream against hundreds of emails. But

Let’s Talk about Facebook and the Job Search

Move over LinkedIn. Sure you’re good at giving me the stats and seeing if I know anyone who knows

Bringing out the Best

At Swoon we love putting people into environments where they can be amazing, and we are dedicated to the

Key Strategies to Retain the Best Employees: Hint, It’s not Money

We hear really good employees at really good companies tell us that the best way to advance their careers

Social Media for the Job Hunter

Now that social media channels have grown up and figured out what they do best, it’s more clear how

How Much Losing an Employee Costs Your Business

Pegging actual figures to what the loss of an employee means is fraught, but the rule of thumb usually

Stats that Steer a Hiring Strategy

LinkedIn recently pulled together data from its surveys to paint a picture that may or may not surprise you

Small Things that Can Win You the Job

Hiring managers can be swayed by the small things. Obviously you have to check the big boxes, but we

Keeping Great Talent: The Stay Interview

While not a new concept, the Stay Interview hasn’t been adopted by larger companies until fairly recently. It doesn’t

The Structured Interview

Very few hiring managers will brag about how perfect their interview process is. In fact many we talk to

Swoon Recognized as One of the Fastest Growing Female Led/Owned Companies

The Women’s President Organization and American Express recently recognized Swoon as being in the top 50 Fastest Growing Women-Led/Owned

Should You Hire a Millennial or Someone Mid-Career

The Millennial is starting to seem like an overly studied new humanoid, earning the title “digital native” which again

Swooner Spotlight: Rebecca Nottingham

Everybody welcome new Swooner Rebecca Nottingham who we’re excited to sing the praises of, and speaking of singing. Yes,

Hiring Better in Five Steps

Good hiring practices aren’t all that difficult but they do require a lot of follow-through. Using your instincts or

The Perks Workers Want

Perks that bring your employees together and reward their hard work are key. You really have to hold firm

Stop Using these Phrases on Your Resume

Forbes recently reported on the top ten terms that are making hiring managers wretch in agony. The big problem

Retention Strategy Primer for Startups and Nonprofits

Losing employees is expensive and a blow to morale. For startups and nonprofits, often these losses are amplified because

Hiring Has Gone Social

The divide between hiring managers and qualified applicants has never been wider. Social media is no longer a “unique”

Resume Writing: It’s Not About You, It’s About the Hiring Manager

Here are three quick tips that can add great impact to your resume and make yourself more appealing. Keep

How I Learned to Love My Recruiter

All good relationships start with, you guessed it … Heavy Googling. The same holds for the relationship you start

It Might Not Be a Bad Boss Causing Workers to Split

Employees leave good bosses nearly as often as bad ones, according to a recent study in The Harvard Business

Don’t Fear the Spreadsheet — It’s the Job Hunter’s Friend

The Job Search usually starts on impulse. And that impulse is like adrenaline, it fuels you to power through

Here’s How You Answer the Have You Ever Been Fired Question

First of all, it’s OK to answer yes. Usually the bigger issue is gaps on a resume. Hiring managers

This is What Makes Good Employees Stay

Recruiting is expensive and time consuming, and when good people are leaving they’re taking a lot of knowledge with

Job Hunt, Stealth Mode

It’s better to look for your next job while you’re still employed, but you probably don’t want everyone to

Swooner Spotlight: Tyler Salley

A big welcome to new Swooner Tyler Salley who brings expertise and a little fire in the belly to

Swooner Spotlight: Jen Nelson

Everyone give a warm welcome to Jen Nelson. She’s excited for all the new challenges, and that’s truly embodying

Creatives in the Loop Series: How to Blog Like a Champ

Swoon Presents: Better Blogging (Tips, live demos, and workshops for better blogging) Blogging keeps getting cooler with platforms and

Hire and Keep the Best Talent by Letting them Work from Wherever

Many important conversations need to happen face-to-face, and sometimes gathering everyone in a room and getting things done is

Swoon’s Silent Auction for Almost Home Kids a Big Success

Earlier this month, Swooners got together to host a silent auction to benefit a really great cause. We raised

Be Ready for these “Personality” Questions in Your Next Interview

Yes, companies that are hiring want to see that you can solve the problems you’ll soon face as an

You Didn’t Think this about Women in the Workplace Did You?

There’s been some progress in public perception of women in the workplace, even if glaring inequalities and biases still

Stop Saying These Things on Your Resume

Sometimes a simple turn of phrase on a resume changes everything. Instead of a hiring manager reading on, they

The Four Traits That Get You Hired

Here are the four big traits you need to embody to swing the balance in your favor and land

Questions You Can’t Ask in an Interview

More and more managers are getting their team involved in the interview process and this is smart in many

Swoon Gets the Nod for Delivering Exceptional Client Satisfaction in Best of Staffing Competition

We should start by thanking our really awesome clients for winning us this recognition, for saying that we provided

Swooner Spotlight: Kasey Whitmer

Hey everyone, welcome Swoon Starter Kasey Whitmer. She’s a real team player, unafraid to play football with the boys,

Here’s How You Should Hire Your IT Staff

Hiring is not getting easier for IT. The talent pool is shrinking and the technology is moving very quickly.

The Job Search 2016

There’s often some downtime in January as the fog of the holidays rolls away and everyone begins tooling up

Swooner Spotlight: Adrianna Tatti

Everyone give a big warm Swoon-style welcome to the multi-talented and warm-spirited Adrianna Tatti. We all know that matching

We Enjoyed Being a Part of these in 2015

Maybe you’re looking for some charitable organizations you can help out this year. We learned a lot, had a

Swooner Spotlight – Antoine Smith

The Swooner Spotlight shifts to Antoine Smith, a Swoon Starter who’s a lot of fun to talk with and

Getting the Resume 2016-Proof

Six seconds. That’s how long the average hiring manager will look at your resume before they decide if they

It’s Not You. It’s Your Corporate Structure.

We are starting to see change not just with those freewheeling start-ups but larger companies as well. Organizations that

This is How You Turn the Job Offer Down

It’s easy to swell with confidence with a job offer that you’ve decided isn’t right for you. It’s tempting

What Type of Leadership Do You Need

It takes people in leadership roles at least a quarter to settle in and align their talents with your

Four Job Search Refreshers

Here are the four big things you have to do right to get back in the swing of your

Signs that Your Recruiter is Not Worth Your Time

It’s a mistake to avoid recruiters because of horror stories you’ve heard. Good ones are out there with good

Three Ways to Keep Your Best Employees

The labor market is changing with unemployment down to normal levels (5%), and for some industries much lower. It’s

Company Culture Pays Off and it Doesn’t Just Happen

There are temptations to do things like not throw a holiday party to save money or skip the 1-1

Swoon Named National Best and Brightest Company to Work For

We’ve made it our mantra: Great company cultures produce the best results, and they attract the best talent. We

Swoon Recognized as TAPFIN Premier Partner

Swoon was recently recognized as a TAPFIN Premier Partner for our professional staffing services, beating out over 1,500 of

Getting Flexible

As an organization, Swoon recently transitioned to flex time. We did this because we know people work differently and

How to Love the Job You Hate

Maybe it’s easier to stop hating and start making the most of your current job. Before you split, take

Mobile Hiring Strategy

Yes, people are using their smartphones to do just about everything, including finding a job. So what does your

Can You Find a Job on Your Phone?

You may not want to start needling your resume or portfolio on your workscreen at your open plan office.

Hiring Managers: Start Doing These Things

Set the Agenda and Set it the Same for All Candidates. If you’re not prepared for the interview, you’re

The Three Major Things Hiring Managers Are Looking For

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of fit. In an interview, most hiring managers settle on this in

Swoon Helps Out at the Ronald McDonald House

What could be better this time of year than baking cookies and decorating Christmas trees? Answer: baking cookies and

So You Want to Hire a Designer – 7 Quick Things to Square Away

1. Know what you want. You don’t have to know the details, but you need to know the look

Mercy Home Outreach

Swoon loves the work Mercy Home does. Most of us come from a loving, stable home, but this isn’t

Some Clever Interview Tricks

While it’s important to not over-engineer every aspect of a job interview, you want to be very well prepared

Re-entering the Workforce

With unemployment dipping down into post-Recession levels maybe it’s time to jump back into the daily grind? Here are

A Motivated Workforce Needs 7 Things

It’s Not You. It’s Your Culture, so I Guess It Kind of is You. About two-thirds of respondents to

About those Gaps in Your Resume

Gaps in employment histories give hiring managers pause. This is okay, if the gaps can be explained well, but

Facebook is Killing Your Career

Even with the most private settings, your Facebook posts are not private. Anything you post, can and likely will

Twitter is the Place to Find a Job

This blog is an excerpt from: Social media has overtaken the internet. Surveys reveal that 94% of recruiters

Swoon Starter: Anna Dvorkin

Everyone give a big Swoon welcome to Anna who gives smart advice and is fluent both in Russian and

Bad Employee Workarounds

Bad employees are toxic and sometimes it takes management a while to figure this out, let’s face it sometimes

Swoon Starter: Sonya Patel

Sonya’s first impressions of Swoon: “In my short time here, I’ve felt very welcomed and fortunate to have come

You’re Ready to Quit. Not so Fast. Answer these Questions First

People, especially millennials are hopping jobs at an alarming rate. Maybe it’s just part of our new dynamic economy.

Hiring Managers Have this to Say to You

While all hiring managers are different, we’ve found there’s a remarkable similarity in the simple, standard things that they

The Video Resume in Five Steps

People are starting to notice that a video resume can give a real edge. Of course it has to

Stop Multitasking

Our brains just aren’t wired for multitasking, at least not the things that require brainpower. Our short-term memories can

So You Wanna Work from Home?

Lots of people are working from home. It just makes a lot of sense. A lot of companies care

Swooner Spotlight: James Hay

Everyone give a big Swoon-style welcome to James Hay, a dog lover who’s not afraid to stand by the

Swoon Starter: Michael Blachut

Everyone welcome Michael who recently joined Swoon’s Operations team. He has a great eye for talent and on a

Eight Tips for Conducting a Job Interview

Leading an interview isn’t so hard if you’re well prepared. It’s your interviewee’s show, you just set it up,

Case Study: Expanding Our Expertise

When you work with a recruiter, you want one who understands your industry. One who has the pulse of

Seven Tips for a Networking Event

First of all congratulations. Deciding to go to what could be a lame or awkward event is likely going

“Swoon Technology” Becomes “Swoon”: Cue the Balloons

We’re dropping technology from our name, but it will remain at the core of what we do. We’re still

Case Study: Contractors are Part of the Swoon Family

Swoon prides itself on developing relationships—with clients, with contractors, with our own team members. The sense of family Swoon

Get Certified and Make More Bank

You know how at Jamba Juice, you can get a boost added to your $3 drink and it magically

Business Cards Just Got Cooler

Having an impressive business card can seem a little bit like a throwback. Someone foisting theirs upon you used

Work Dread: Five Signs it’s Time to Move on

How rich are your fantasies around composing your resignation email? Have you already written a draft? What about frequency?

How To Get The Most Out Of Your New Job

Congrats on the new job. You get a clean slate, a chance to do everything right from the start,

10 Tips for Better Time Management

It’s easy to get swallowed by your workload, but what you need to do is tame it. Well, as

What to Do When You Don’t Get the Job

On average, a polar bear makes about 20 attempts hunting for food before he succeeds and can enjoy a

The Where and the How Much: Tech Jobs

It shouldn’t be too surprising that San Francisco leads the way with tech jobs, but it also has a

Evolution of the Interview

Technology has changed the way we interact. It’s made, at least, the logistics of communication a lot easier and

Developing Your Personal Brand

What people think of when they think of you. That’s your brand, and it’s good to have a strong

We Knew About Book Clubs Before They Were Cool

Book Clubs are in vogue again. Just look at Mark Zuckerberg’s A Year of Books. Apparently old technology is

Getting Your Best Foot in the Door

Glassdoor recently did a study with over 116,000 interviews to see what channel led to the highest success rate

Surviving the Skype interview

Skype interviews are tough. It’s not easy being yourself on someone else’s screen, but many companies are using video

Recruiting and Big Data

Yes, these two forces had to meet. Not many people embrace the term big data because, well, it’s a

A Personal Website for the Career Win

There’s a great scene in the movie The Jerk when Steve Martin’s character (the Jerk) gets ridiculously excited about

Five Things Recruiters Want Hiring Managers to Know

1. Timely Feedback is Key. We can take the bad news. Honestly, we can. We’re in much better position

Forget Online Applications and Connect Directly with the Hiring Manager

Five years ago this direct route would be frowned upon. Why? Because it threatens process, and in the past,

Avoiding Biases in the Hiring Process

Stephen Colbert likes to tell guests he doesn’t see race and understands that he’s white only because other people

Make Sure You’ve Got the Personality Traits Hiring Managers Look For

In the first five minutes of an interview you start revealing your personality traits. These are really important minutes,

So You Want to be a Recruiter

Matching talent with market demand. Seems like a simple thing to map. If only humans and offices didn’t come

The Smart Exit Interview

Yes, it’s only natural to fantasize about the exit interview where you can scold everyone for being so damagingly

Can You Overdress for an Interview? Um, Yes is the Short Answer.

The age-old advice about always erring on the side of overdressing for the interview is unfortunately a little outdated.

Culture Check: How Can I Tell if They’ll be a Good Fit?

It’s really difficult when a skilled and smart person simply doesn’t fit in at your office. It’s something that’s

Five Reasons to Work in Tech

There are many reasons to get excited about working in tech. Even if you’re not device crazed, tech is

The Truth About Millennials

Those born between 1980 and 2000, the Millennials or Generation M, have everyone guessing. No one knows how they’ll

The First Three Questions You Should Ask a Recruiter

A recruiter is someone who represents you, so you want to make sure you’re dealing with someone you trust.

Look Out for the Red Flags in Your Job Search

It’s awful, but there are some shady people out there preying on job hunters. Some are very easy to

Top Three Reasons You Should Take that Recruiter’s Call

Remember that really frustrating day at work when you thought, OK that’s it. It’s time to move on. Then

Illegal interview questions

We’ve talked before about the “gotcha” questions during interviews and how they’re pretty annoying and generally unuseful, but now

Know Where Candidates Are

If only there was a way to get your job opening in front of only the really qualified people.

The Best Way to Stand Out is to Get to the Essential Answer Most Quickly: What Can You Do for Me?

About 20 seconds That’s, on average, how long a hiring manager will spend looking at your resume. Don’t expect

Work With A Recruiter Who Understands Your Business and Your Needs

There is a right recruiter and a wrong recruiter, but the good news is it’s not too hard to

Attracting Top Talent

There are a lot of very talented, slightly bored people plugging away out there. They’re working in stodgy corporate

Your Recruiter Needs to Know Your Industry

Sometimes it’s about culture and language; two somewhat algorithmic-averse concepts that should be considered when identifying talent that your

Perfect Your Interview

It’s not always easy landing a face-to-face interview, so congratulations. So now that you’ll be delivering information in person,

Know What Good Recruiters Do

Good recruiters establish close relationships with good talent and good firms. They understand good fit, and that’s the golden

Be a Boss Your Employees Like

Would you rather be liked or respected? Yes, one of those gotcha interview questions is where we’ll start. It’s

Compensation Best Practices: Is Money Enough?

Compensation Best Practices Did that CEO from the credit-card processing company in Seattle who changed his firm’s minimum wage

The IT Staffing Battle

Getting You the Right Person Fast

Can you really afford to wait more than a year to fill an important position? Your open positions are

Be Clear and Realistic on Your Needs and Expectations

Everyone wants Lebron, but there’s only one to go around. The good news is the role you’re looking to

How to Develop Relationships with Passive Pool Candidates

You have to be active to get into the passive pool, but it’s worth it. For the sake of

Employment Branding

The war for talent is constant, no matter the market conditions. Luring top talent through your doors is never

Direct Hire vs. Contract

For many, it’s not an easy decision: to work on a contract or go directly to a permanent position.

Top 8 Reasons to Consider Contract Work

1. Pay can be more dynamic. You have more control over when you get a raise, and businesses look

What’s the Value of a Recruiter?

There’s no company that we’ve worked with that has it all figured out. A little luck plays a role

Should Work Be Fun?

Studies have proved that people who are happy are more productive. But does this mean companies should engineer fun

What to Expect from Your Recruiter

The throw everything at the wall and see what sticks method is no way to work, not to mention

The Importance of Speed in Hiring

Haste makes waste, right? Well yeah, but too much analysis leads to paralysis. So on which side of the

The Art of Retaining Top Talent: Compensation

As we move through a new year with a general feel that the economy has a little room to

How to Work with Your Recruiter

Clear Communication and Trust. This is what nourishes a blissful relationship with your recruiter, and helps keep top people

The Myth of the Perfect Candidate

It’s natural and wise to be very protective of your team. No one wants a dissatisfied employee or a

The Importance of Collaboration

The Art of Retaining Top Talent Series Retaining top talent in a competitive industry can be a challenge for

Wacky Interview Questions

Are you certain you’re completely prepared for your next job interview? Check out the top 25 oddball interview questions

Do You Really Love Your Job?

Here are 5 Habits of People Who Really, Really Do Nearly 7 out of 10 American employees say they

How to Get the Interview Instead of the Cold Shoulder

Are you having trouble getting noticed when you apply for a job? Is your resume perfect, your experience fitting

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