December Contractor of the Month- Brent Danis

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Congratulations to December’s Contractor of the Month, Brent Danis! Brent is a Senior Technical Product Manager at one of Swoon’s biggest clients in the travel technology industry. He helps execute new business features that are brought in by the company’s product team. By working cross-functionally across the company, he makes sure all business features are being implemented correctly.

Brent was first introduced to Swoon when Technical RecruiterAjla Huseinovic reached out to him as she thought he would be the perfect fit for this role. He said from his very first interaction, his experience with Swoon has been incredible and he wanted to thank Ajla and Jack for helping him land his role.

“It has been awesome working with Swoon, from the phone calls and onboarding to the continued process as a contractor. I have already recommendedSwoon to some of my friends and colleagues.”

Brent’s future career goal is to continue growing and learning in the product management field. Fun Fact: Brent wrote a book about his decade traveling abroad that was published on Amazon.

Keep up the great work, Brent!

Maximize Productivity and Crush Year-End Goals

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December is here and that means most people are anxiously awaiting the holidays (I know I am). With after work happy hour celebrations, volunteering, and shopping for everyone in your family plus more, this is one of the busiest months of the year. That’s why we need to be aware of how we are spending our time, especially in the workplace. Here are some Swoon tips on how to maximize your productivity and better manage your time so you can crush your year-end goals!


It seems obvious, but like you have heard hundreds of times, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Make sure to have a game plan on how to achieve your goals before arriving at the office each day. Many of our recruiters spend time each evening getting together a candidate list to call first thing the next day. Didn’t get to all the day’s emails? Answer them during your morning commute if you take public transit so you don’t have to waste your morning hours with planning and can get straight to the big stuff. Writing out a rough list of what you need to get done for the next day before you leave the office each night can be very helpful. By knowing what needs to get done and setting a task list for exactly how you are going to tackle it, you set yourself up for more success. Bonus points if you write a task list and timeline over the weekend to be a superhero the next week!


We’ve all been in meetings where Bob and Jane speak about the same topic in 10 different ways and explain things that could have been sent in a quick email. Frustrating. Try to avoid meetings when possible. Of course, teamwork and collaboration are key, but a quick face to face with someone or grabbing a coffee for 15 minutes can be just what is needed to make sure everyone is on the same page. Think to yourself before scheduling your next meeting: Could I explain this in an email? How many people are collaborating; could a phone call be just as effective if not more so? This tip is not meant to discourage meetings altogether, but simply to remind you to use your, and others, time as efficiently and as wisely as possible.


Your mindset is a huge part of your productivity and overall performance throughout the day. Studies have revealed that each day, employees have a 4-hour window of focused concentration maximum. Therefore, work to your strengths, and ask yourself if you’re more productive after your morning coffee or are your more focused on a full belly after your lunch break? Once answered, simply, time-block your schedule to maximize your output. No excuses during time-blocks – be like Nike and “just do it”. This is a time to act with self-interest: set agendas for even the quickest of meetings to avoid wasted time; appoint a better-suited person to complete tasks asked of you to avoid “stolen time” from your schedule; recognize your roadblocks and do what you can to bypass them (clean cluttered inbox, mute the constant interruptions on your phone, alert colleagues you will be out of pocket for the designated timeslot, etc. It is important, especially on long-term projects, that you set goals along the way . . .  but start at the end! Sometimes a project conclusion can seem so far away that it becomes overwhelming; however, if you set deadlines, benchmark the project, and delegate whenever possible – your mind will be less scattered, and you will stay motivated. Plus, you will allow others the opportunity to shine and become involved by delegating. Having a mindset that allows for flexibility within your day but still adhering to the goals put forth will allow you some agility along the way to deal with the unforeseen details while staying laser-focused on the end goal.

As you are working this week, try to implement at least one of these tips into your day. Notice the difference in your productivity and quality of work!



November Contractor of the Month – Peggy Martz

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Swoon’s November Contractor of the Month is Peggy Martz, a Recruiting Agent for a large manufacturing client in Peoria, Illinois. She has been promoted since starting with the company and is very happy in her current role. Her typical day includes helping with orientations, setting up over 18 interviews, making offer calls and more.

Shanda Coppage recruited Peggy by finding her information on Indeed. Peggy said Shanda was awesome and easy to work with and that Jeremy Johnson has been a pleasure to work with as well.

“Swoon made the hiring process very easy. There have been no troubles. I worked as a recruiter at a temp agency, so I know it can be very hard!”

Peggy has been working in the Human Resources field for 21 years and hopes to do so until she retires as she is very passionate about it. She enjoys working with her boss, Jason, and being part of something new each day. Fun fact about Peggy, she has a farm at home with a goat, pig, and chickens!


Swoon Tunes- Swoon Rioters

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In honor of Riot Fest in Chicago this weekend, Swooners are sharing some of their favorite jams from the performing artists.



SwoonGen Homecoming Swoon Tunes

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Happy First Friday! We are hosting a Swoon and NextGen homecoming tonight and wanted to make sure our Swoon Tunes took us back to our homecoming days. Enjoy these nostalgic hits and don’t miss your curfew!

By: Jessica Henry

Girl crying over social media on laptop

How Your Social Media Accounts May Be Holding You Back From Getting the Job

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Are you one of those people that had a spectacular spring break trip to Miami and provided full-coverage of your late, wild nights on ‘the gram’ or Facebook? Although this is a common occurrence and your friends probably enjoyed learning about what you did, we want to advise you that it is not the best idea to have these memories last forever on your social media profiles! Social media has become a part of our lives now more than ever, and it is imperative that we are representing ourselves online in a positive light. We understand that there is not always a direct correlation between how we appear on social media and how we behave in real life when faced with important tasks like scoring a great job. However, because social media is an outlet of expression, Swooners thought it would be a good idea to communicate why it is so important to keep a professional social media appearance while on the job hunt. According to Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), potential employers do screen our pages, much more than we think.

Records have shown that only 48 percent of candidates believe their social media presence is important to potential employers. While many employers casually review candidate social media profiles, a Judson Group survey shows that 18 percent of companies are formalizing the process and another 17 percent say they’re considering doing so before the end of the year. Therefore, your online image could either significantly help you get ahead or tremendously hinder your pursuits in scoring the opportunity you deserve.

magnifying glass on computer screen

What are they looking for exactly?

The question many millennials pose is, “What are they looking for exactly?” According to Fast Company, 39 percent of hiring managers and employers say they are in pursuit of questionable content or behaviors. They are also looking to see if the candidate’s resume is consistent with the information/data posted on social media. Almost like a cross-check, employers are looking for any reason to take a second look at a candidate’s eligibility. On pages like Instagram and Facebook where there is a tagging feature, you should un-tag yourself from any content that may not be pleasant or workplace-friendly. If you wouldn’t want your parents or grandparents to see it, you probably shouldn’t have potential employers seeing it either!

On the flip-side, if you have beneficial material on your pages, it is important to highlight it, as it could help your application/candidacy. This content helps potential employers see your passions and further consider why you are most suitable for the opportunity. Accentuating any volunteer work, hobbies, sports or other passions shows who you are as a person rather than just as an employee.

Next Steps

Here at Swoon, we advise you to take the time to look through all your social media accounts and be sure all parts of your appearance are in tip-top shape. This will ensure a higher chance of scoring the opportunity of your dreams! Be sure to engage with our social media accounts and reach out to our recruiters to help you find the perfect career opportunity for you!


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Taking a New Approach in Your Job Search

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There’s nothing more frustrating than feeling you’ve exhausted all of your options in a job search. You’re sure that you’ve turned over every stone and hunted down every potential lead. That doesn’t mean that it’s time to give up! Instead, try taking a new, unorthodox approach to your job search.

Target Your Ideal Position

Most people don’t dream of spending Monday through Friday from nine to five behind a desk. Chances are, this wasn’t the type of job you thought you would have when you were a kid. Instead of letting yourself get bogged down by what you “should” be doing, try taking a look at the types of jobs you’d really like to have and the type of company culture that you think would be a good fit for you. You might be surprised by how much easier it is to find your ideal job than it is to find one that’s just “good enough.”

Search for Companies not Jobs

As you think about your ideal job, don’t just consider the exact position that you think would be a great fit for you. Think about the type of company you’d love to work for. Is it a company with a social conscious mission? One with a fantastic company culture? Choose the type of company where you can see yourself staying long-term. Working your way up from within is often easier than starting out in that top position you have your eye on, and when you love your company, you’re more likely to enjoy going to work every day.

Apply for the Job You Want, Not the One That’s Open

A large percentage of the best available jobs are never posted. Instead, they’re filled through word of mouth, through recruitment agencies, or by quietly reaching out to people who are considered ideal for the position. If you’re looking at a company, imagining yourself there, and thinking that it would be the perfect fit for you, don’t let the lack of an open job posting stand in your way! Go ahead and send in your resume and a cover letter. Even if it doesn’t yield a job now, it might mean an open door down the road.

About Swoon

We are recruiters with an unorthodox method and a proven track record of temporary and direct hire placements. Through an approachable method to recruiting we get to know our clients and candidates then connect the best and the brightest with Fortune 1000 companies nationwide. Are you ready to be Swoon’d?

Better Hiring Practices: Should You Hire Skills or Personalities?

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Every time you have an open position in your company, the struggle begins. You want to hire someone who is a great fit with your existing staff, who will understand your company culture, and who will stay with the company and fulfill their role for a long time. When you’re hiring, there are plenty of factors that go into every interview. Deciding which factors are the most important can help you make better decisions every time you select a new employee.

Training Matters

When you have an open position, you want a candidate who has all the skills necessary to fill it. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to hire someone who already understands the exact techniques, software, or processes used by your company. In many cases, you expect to provide some degree of training before your new employee is ready to fully tackle the job that they’ve been hired to do. If a potential employee has the basic skills necessary to learn the more in-depth skills for the job, you can train them in the specific tools and processes they need to take the position.

Personality Can’t Be Taught

You can teach employees new skills. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work the same way with personality. A good personality fit can make all the difference in many office settings. When you have a team that meshes well together, you’ll have a happier, more productive office environment. In many cases, a great combination of personalities throughout your office will be the difference between employees who are eager to report to work and give their all and a negative office environment. When hiring new employees, therefore, it’s critical to choose personalities that will fit with your existing staff to ensure a better environment for all involved.

Remember, employees can be taught new skills, so don’t write them off if their resume doesn’t read exactly like the job description requirements. Their personality, however, is something you’ll have to get a sense for in interviews and other exchanges. If they don’t feel like a good fit, regardless of their skills, they might not be the candidate for you.

About Swoon

We are recruiters with an unorthodox method and a proven track record of temporary and direct hire placements. Through an approachable method to recruiting we get to know our clients and candidates then connect the best and the brightest with Fortune 1000 companies nationwide. Are you ready to be Swoon’d?

Three Essential Resume Types That Get Results in a Job Search

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Okay, you’ve made great contacts at industry meet-ups, overhauled your Twitter and Facebook accounts to present a more professional image and given your LinkedIn profile a long overdue update to offer an excellent introduction to prospective employers. So, what is the next step?

Choosing the correct type of resume and tailoring it to each job you apply for is vital. Your resume plays an essential role in securing interviews during your job search. Here are three types of resumes that will increase interview opportunities.

Chronological Resume

Listing job history in chronological order starting with your most recent job and working backward is the most standard resume format. This format is useful for people employed in the same field for a long time who want to apply for jobs in the same or similar field. Also, they have few gaps in their employment history.

Functional Resume

A functional resume brings your skills and abilities to the forefront while minimizing your work history. People who choose this format usually have significant gaps in their employment history, have been out of the workforce for an extended period or have little to no work history.

Combination Resume

The combination layout captures attention by first highlighting relevant skills and capabilities like a functional resume and then supporting them with your chronological work history. People with limited work history support their skills with volunteer positions or education. If you are a new graduate, entry-level job seeker, older worker or ready to make a career change this format is an excellent choice.

When you have determined which resume type applies to your situation, enhance your chances of being selected for an interview by tailoring your resume to each job inquiry. Accomplish this by incorporating keywords from job descriptions directly into your resume. Also, add the URL for your Twitter handle and LinkedIn profile to your contact information on your resume to show prospective employers that you are proficient with social media platforms.

Use these guidelines to help you prepare a great resume and then contact a leading recruiting agency to help you land the perfect job.

About Swoon

We are recruiters with an unorthodox method and a proven track record of temporary and direct hire placements. Through an approachable method to recruiting we get to know our clients and candidates then connect the best and the brightest with Fortune 1000 companies nationwide. Are you ready to be Swoon’d?

How Startups Can Attract Top Talent

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It’s not easy to pull talent away from big established companies. It’s easy to lose the battles of money and health benefits, but you can lose those battles and still win the war. Here’s how: Appeal to a sense of excitement, adventure, their desire to be a part of something great and the possibility of big-time bucks in the future. Saying you were employee #12 of a successful company is really cool. Be honest, but frame the potentials and play to the positive aspects of being a startup.


Wearing multiple hats is something that excites people. Having direct contact with the client is another opportunity many people desire. Talented people aren’t trying to avoid work; they’re trying to funnel their talents into something that isn’t boring. They want to be challenged and feel the excitement of future opportunities. Tap into those instincts.

Be Transparent

In every way possible, be open and honest. Map out your plan to the prospective employee. Show them how you will need them to succeed, and be honest about the challenges. Startups are small with office cultures that can grow cliquey if knowledge isn’t shared broadly. Avoid this by being as open with everything as you can. Think about running your operation with an open book, so nothing is opaque.

Brand Ambassadors

Everyone at your startup should know that they need to evangelize its awesomeness. Obviously you can’t force people to do this, but you can sit everyone down and explain that it’s going to be a challenge to recruit new talent and that you need their help. Employees at startups should get that it’s an all-hands-on-deck operation for everything, including acquiring talent. It doesn’t hurt to remind them though.

Talented people are willing to take risks with their careers, and there is nothing more risky than never taking a risk. The best thing you can do to attract these people to your startup is to work from the sense of excitement and intelligent risk-taking framed with a commitment to transparency. This is what people are looking for.

About Swoon

We are recruiters with an unorthodox method and a proven track record of temporary and direct hire placements. Through an approachable method to recruiting we get to know our clients and candidates then connect the best and the brightest with Fortune 1000 companies nationwide. Are you ready to be Swoon’d?