Our Culture

When you get the company culture right, great employees and great work naturally follow. We provide a workplace for motivated, driven, and disciplined individuals to thrive. Guided by our values, we will tackle any challenges that come along, together.

All-star Standard: We give our all, every day.

Inclusion & Diversity: We believe in creating an environment that everyone can be themselves—fostering new ideas, skill sets and creativity that enhances our team.

Training & Development: Setting up our team for success is the key to our success. We provide all the training and tools necessary to succeed. We promote within and have a career building development track.

Transparent: We pride ourselves on always being open and honest with our team members, contractors and clients. We encourage everyone a part of our Swoon team to bring their voice.

Philanthropic: We believe in being a part of the community, knowing our neighbors and volunteering in the areas we serve.

Flexible: From work from home days to snacks and happy hours, our office is flexible, inviting and friendly.

Innovative: In a world that is ever-changing, we recognize that to be the best we need to adapt as well. Therefore, we encourage the pursuit of new ideas and risk taking.

Caring: Recruiting agencies can have a bad rap. By truly caring and providing the best service, we stand out from our competition. Listen. Place. Care.

Collaborative: We are extremely competitive in the industry but not with each other. We have weekly meetings where we generate ideas, share insights and lean on each other for support.


Photo Chuck The Duck Mascot

Be sure to meet our Mascot and key member of our Swoon Team, Chuck the Duck!

Many of you have probably heard of the rubber duck debugging theory. If not, let me jump right in:

It’s a reference to a story in The Pragmatic Programmer, in which a programmer learned to help debug code by forcing himself to explain it, line-by-line, simply and clearly to a rubber duck. The idea is that if you get stuck on something, try explaining the problem to someone or something (like Chuck!) that has no experience with the problem. More often than not, you end up solving your own problem in the process of explaining it. Genius, right? Of course, you are.

Keep him on your desk and turn to him the exact time you’re faced with a challenge. He’s also a great conversation starter – after all, not everyone has a trusted rubber duck on their desk.

“Chuck the Duck is a way of sharing our unique and fun culture, while taking you back to a time when things were a bit less stressful. Who didn’t love a rubber ducky when they were a kid?” – Internal Employee Survey

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