Training & Development

Setting our team up for success is the key to our success. We provide all the training and tools needed to be successful.

Our training program, Duck University, starts day one. Duck University is a combination of mentoring, shadowing and role play, classroom training and a hands-on approach. Training and development continues throughout your career at Swoon with monthly training sessions and on-going mentorships.

We promote from within. 

We know our team has what is takes to tackle any challenges.  We will work with you on a projected career path that will make you swoon.

Possible career tracks within Swoon:

  • Recruiter > Sales
  • Recruiter > Operations (HR/Training & Development/TA)
  • Recruiter I > Senior Recruiter
  • Recruiter I > Lead Recruiter > Recruiting Manager
  • Sales > Team Lead > Director

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